Wine Bar Sessions by Pop Studio DJ presents Sound Forest & Jon Soh

Friday @ 11:00 pm

DJs: Sound Forest, Jon Soh

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Producer and Deejay, Sound Forest, has released genre blurring electronic music with record labels such as Cloud of Silence, Picche, Bakelite and Neurotrance. Expressive of his own personal taste as an avid listener of electronic music, he spins and produces in and across down tempo, chill out, lounge, disco, nu disco, progressive house, house, techno and trance. He has spun his brand of melodic tunes and hypnotic grooves across Singapore at venues like KOI, Red Baron, Kacang Putih, Zsofies and more. He has also spun at a various outdoor clubs in Goa and Thailand and will be spinning in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands later ahead this year. As he says, “Music should make you visualize”, he aims for his sets to take you on a ride, one that you can immerse yourself in and enjoy with friends or other party goers alike.


Jon’s interest in DJing was piqued early in his university days while he was working part time at a club. He started listening to a wide variety of electronic sounds and got intrigued by the different ways DJs could express themselves and affect the mood of the crowd.

Wine Bar admission: Free