Chill Sessions Vol. 4 ~ Dr Foo, Ambient Energy & Sound Forest

Saturday @ 9:00 pm

Singapore, Singapore

Gig Details

Venue Details

68 Dunlop St
Singapore 209396
+ 65 62975875
+ 65 62975875

Yes its that altenate Saturday again! We welcome you back to our sanctuary for healing and relaxation through consciously driven Progressive and Chillout music. Enjoy the scenic rooftop of Zsofi’s over a tapas and drink (non alcoholic/ alcoholic) with your favourtie people and feel whole again, in a musical yoga as the Doctor and his special guests Sound Forest and Ambient Energy (Bren) provide you with an Aural massage for mind, body and spirit. The people who show up normally have the special connection and space to not only chill, but to have deep conversations and realisations of life in this rustic beautiful space.

DJs/ Shamans:

Dr Foo believes that every living being on this planet is interconnected tothe universe. Music serves a higher purpose of awakening that connection to your true self, which is connected to greater forces in the universe at your disposal. Music not only heals you, but brings you to a realisation that your thoughts can help shape a better world. To facilitate this connection, you need to Go Deep to find yourself; Go Dark to see your light; Go Progressive towards your calling. ~

Sound Forest is a progressive and techno resident at many bars across Singapore, and we are happy to have him onboard to spread Chillout proggy vibes. Indian born, Singapore based Abhay Rautela is Sound Forest, an electronic music producer who released his first techno track in 2010 and continues to produce genre blurring music that is often hard to compartmentalize.

As a fellow traveller, Ambient Energy hopes to reflect the same kind of wonder in your wanderlust. This whole effect of various beats, vibes and sights, can produce a harmonising frequency.
Different sounds from different lives, merged together to form a picture.Be it melodic or experimental, comforting or distant…

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