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Sound Forest

Sound Forest is Netherlands based Abhay Rautela, an electronic music producer who released his first  techno track in 2010 and produces music that is slightly harder to compartmentalize.

Sound Forest has released tracks on Cloud of Silence, Bakelite, Neurotrance and Picche records so far and has spun in India, Thailand and Singapore at big venues including World ranking #6 clubbing instittution, Zouk.

With a number of releases lined up, stay tuned and ride the wave of a unique future underground sound. As Sound Forest says, “Music should make you visualize”, hear his tracks to dance while painting your own story of his original enigmatic future sound.

History in a nutshell

Sound Forest discovered his passion for electronic music in high school in India at an outdoor party when he was vocalist of his school rock band, after which he deeply immersed himself in the underground music scene.

Before he moved on to learning how to deejay and playing at gigs, he began composing electronic music MODs on the DOS based music tracker software, Impulse Tracker.

This was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with electronic music production and he began writing electronic on his own, learning from scratch through trial and error, very early on displaying a distinctive original style through his music.


2017 (11 November)- Smile for a mile on 31 Progressive Community Multibundle (Multibundle)

2017 (13 September)- Smile for a mile on Clubbers culture: Miracle of Progressive #004 (Clubbers Culture)

2016 (19 June)- Remember on VA- Bakelite 002 (Bakelite records)

2016 (21 May)- Remember on VA- Best of Bakelite 001 (Bakelite records)


2015 (26 September) : Sound Forest- The Eight Element (EP, Bakelite records). Track listing: 1. The eighth element (psychill, downtempo) 2. Remember (indie dance, indie dance)

2015 (24 September): Sound Forest- Smile For a Mile (Cloud of Silence records) Down tempo EP

2013 (December 22): Sound Forest- The Catacombs Simulation (VA- Time Travellers, Neurotrance records)/ Psytrance/ darkpsy/ forest psy

2010 (14 October): Sound Forest- Gone by Dusk (VA- Lov Mnml Vol. 1, Picche records) / Techno

Expect more releases ahead as Sound Forest get’s more serious about making music always characterized by an original genre boundary blurring psychedelic melodic style.

Bookings, Collaboration, Track Sales & Sound Design

If you would like to book Sound Forest to play at a party, are interested in signing Sound Forest with your label, or would like to get in touch for anything else, you can drop a mail at: hellosoundforest at gmail dot com


Sound Forest used the following gear to write and spin music (in his studio):


  1. FL Studio
  2. Ableton Live

Audio interface

Steinberg UR22


Behringer XENYX X1222USB

Midi controllers

  1. M-Audio Oxygen 25
  2. Korg nanopad2

Hardware synths and grooveboxes

  1. Korg Monotron Delay
  2. Korg Volca Beats
  3. Korg Volca Bass
  4. Korg Volca Keys
  5. Korg Volca Sample
  6. MicroKorg
  7. Roland Juno 106
  8. Roland MC-303
  9. Roland MC-505
  10. Cyclone Analogic BassBot TT-303


  1. Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables
  2. Origin Concorde Pro S cartridges
  3. Native Instruments S4 Traktor controller
  4. Pioneer CDJ100 CD players
  5. Pioneer DJM300 mixer
  6. Korg Mini Kaos Pad 2

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