Steinberg UR22 as My Audio Interface

Steinberg UR-22, price 170 SGD, Singapore

Steinberg UR-22

This is awesome. I picked them up on CNY when it would be next to impossible to find a shop open. I also got them 30% off regular price and got an additional ten dollars off because the guy who delivered them to me at a common pick up point was half an hour late and I had a family lunch to attend. SGD 160 for it, not bad!

I really wanted to pick up the Tascam US 800’s which has 8 ins an 6 outs as opposed to the 2 in 2 out plus midi in midi out (I like this because I do see myself using this soon by the end of this year) I have now which is fairly standard in this price range. Luther music’s selling them for SGD 250 which is 60% off the original price but then again, this is a discontinued model, so there you go. None the less, if the shop was open that day, I would have picked it up. The specs are pretty impressive and I don’t see how a newer audio interface in this range could offer a whole lot more.

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