• Artists I Have Watched Live
  • I’m going to fill this up. I’ve just begun so here’s a line. Lot’s more to be filled up of course.  Hypnagog- 2014 Jan Hux Flux- 2014 Jan Sensient- 2014 Jan Opiuo- 2014 Jan Spoonbill- 2014 Jan FreQ Nasty- 2014 Jan Dark Nebula- 2014 Jan Chromatone- 2014 Jan Ott- 2014 Jan The Orb- 2014 Jan Tristan- 2014 Jan Shane Gobi- 2014 Jan Ritmo- 2014 Jan Kularis- 2014 Jan Rocky- 2014 Jan Phaxe- 2014 Jan Benza- 2014 Jan Astropilot- 2014 Jan…

  • Rock in Singapore- November 2014- Mr. Big & Hoobastank
  • Mr. Big will perform at Kalang theatre on 26 November, 2014 beginning at 8 pm. This was also the venue where I caught Santana, Eric Clapton and Dream Theater the last few years. Just a few days later, Hoobastank will perform at the Coliseum Hard Rock Cafe in Sentosa on 30 November at 8 pm. I'm going for both concerts of course!

  • Joe Satriani, 13 November, 2014, Singapore, Star Theater
  • Joe Satriani finally performs for the first time in Singapore this Thursday, 13 November, 2014. I've always wanted to catch him perform. Steve Vai performed last year at the same venue and he was awesome. Now we need to get Eric Jonson over on his own and then finally have them all together as a part of G3. I just picked up my ticket for SGD 118 I think.

  • Where to buy a 3.5 mm to TS cable and MIDI to MIDI cablesin Singapore
  • You can buy one at SimLim Tower. There's a shop tucked in the right on the second floor. This is where I bought a MIDI to MIDI cable too.

  • Dj Mix #9- Chilled House
  • Hey everyone, here's my mix for September, a few days late, a chilled 120 bpm house set dedicated to someone special, she knows who she is. Hope you enjoy it, have a good weekend (and long weekend if you're here in Singapore)! http://www.mixcloud.com/soundforest/sound-forest-dj-mix-8-chilled-house-120-bpm/

  • Sound Forest Dj mix #8- Set From Glitch’s Freaks Come Out at Night Party in Curlies, Goa
  • Hey peeps, want some deep, dark techno? Here's my mix for August. This is a massive four hour techno set I spun for Glitch, Dubai's Freaks Come Out an Night Xmas party in Curlies, Goa on Xmas eve as part of my 2010-2011 Sound Forest Goa tour. Enjoy! Cloudcasts by Sound Forest on Mixcloud

  • Sound Forest Dj mix #7- Set From Pool Party @ Singapore
  • Hery everyone. Here's July's mix from a friend's pool party I spun at a couple of weeks ago. Beach club music. Put on your shades, a smile on your face and move your body to a slow groovy 118 beats per minute. Enjoy listening to it in the player below or download the mix in WAV or MP3 format. Enjoy! Sound Forest Debut Pool Party Set @ Singapore Dj Mix #7 by Sound Forest on Mixcloud

  • Sound Forest Dj mix #6- Set From Track Debut Release Party at Cafe Morrison, New Delhi, India
  • Hello people. Here's the set for June- this is the deejay set I played at my debut track release party at Cafe Morrison in New Delhi in 2010. A three hour plus mix again, get yourself a mix of house, tech house, minimal and techno. Mixed on CDJ-100's as always. Enjoy! PS: WAV and mp3 download links to come soon. Sound Forest Debut Track Release Party Set @ 2010 Cafe Morrison, New Delhi, India, dj mix #6 by Sound Forest…

  • Sound Forest Dj mix #5- Tech House/ Techno- VA- Lov Mnml Vol.1 (Picche Records, 2010)
  • How is everybody doing almost mid-way through the year? Here's my May tech house and techno mix- all tracks from the compilation Lov Mnml. Vol. 1 from the Italian label, Picche records released in 2010,  which also featured my first track- Gone by dusk. Enjoy! Download the mix as WAV, MP3, FLAC or OGG VORBIS at https://archive.org/details/Sound-Forest-Dj-mix5-Techno-VA-Lov-Mnml-Vol-1-Picche-Records-2010 Dj mix #5- Tech House/ Techno/ Minimal - VA- Lov Mnml Vol. 1 (Picche Records) Sound Forest Set by Sound Forest on Mixcloud

  • Sound Forest’s Rules For a Good Life
  • Work in progress, this piece is... When at work, think of your work only. When back from work, leave work at work. When at home, think of chilling at home only. When writing music, think only about that and nothing else. When partying, don't think about anything else but partying. When running, think only about running. 'Fuck everything' isn't a good phrase, but in context to what I am talking about, 'Fuck everything else' makes sense. Forget about everything else.…

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